What windscreen damages can be repaired?

  • Bullseye
  • Half-bullseye
  • Star Crack
  • Generally no bigger than a 20 cent coin. Windscreens cannot be repaired when the break is in the driver’s direct line of vision.

How are windscreen damages repaired?

By forcing resin with pressure into the break area and then curing the resin with ultra-violet light.

What should I do to a damaged windscreen? Put a Sticker on? Why?

It is advisable to place a piece of adhesive tape over the damaged area of the windscreen. This will keep water and dirt out of the break. This will also assist in improving the chances of reaching a better result from the windscreen repair. It is also advised to get any damages repaired as soon as possible.

How is car window glass damages repaired?

Only the front windscreens can be repaired. Side and rear glass windows must be replaced.

How long does it take to repair a car windscreen?

Generally between 15-30 minutes depending on the degree of the damage.

How much does a repair cost?

Depending on the type of vehicle and damage, the effort and parts required on the repair/replacement widely varies. Click here to get a quotation or call us on 02 9570 1011).

What is the difference between Advanced Auto Glass and its competitors?

We are owner operated. This means that you will receive the most premium and personal service tailored to your specific needs. We are devoted to providing a professional service based on immense customer satisfaction.

How many years of experience does Advanced Auto Glass have?

All fitters at Advanced Auto Glass have had more than 20 years of experience.

What type of experience do you have?

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in an auto glass including a selection of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, vans and trains.

Why should I have my repairs done with Advanced Auto Glass?

  • You can trust our quality service of auto glass repairs and replacements.
  • We offer a one year warranty on parts and a workmanship guarantee1 on all jobs to ensure peace of mind.
  • Advanced Auto Glass offers a guarantee on any extended repairs or those that you are not satisfied with. We will take the cost of the repair off the cost of a brand new windscreen.

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